Company Milestone

  • Started in 1999
  • Registered as Pte Ltd 28th Dec 2001 Business Model
  • Provide System Integration Services for Industrial Automation
  • Authorized system integrator with wonderware in 2003
  • Certified profibus installer.
  • Complete the major Turnkey project in Wafer Fab industries –ST microelectronic AMK6 in 2005.
  • Complete the major Turnkey project in water industries –Ulu Pandan in 2007.
  • Awarded with the government L5 certification in 2007
  • Form auto motion company to venture into the motion industries in 2006
  • Awarded with ISO-9001 international certification from UK (UKAS) in 2009
  • Schneider Authorized re-seller appointed in 2009
  • Awarded with BIZ safe level 3 certification in 2010
  • Acquired a switch board company to form another subsidiary – speed steel in 2010
  • Complete the major Turnkey project in consumer product industries – 3M in 2010
Latest News
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