PLC Control technology

For PLC control integration, a-control can provide a range of comprehensive services.

We are familiar with the PLC logic from various vendors:

  1. instruction list
  2. relay ladder logic
  3. Sequential function chart
  4. function block diagram
  5. structure text

The PLC logic control that we can provide as the following:

1 - Implementation and design layout of Industrial network communication as such:

    The leading Brands:

        i   AB Bradley - Control Net, Device Net

        ii  Siemens - Profibus

        iii Ethernet

        iV Schneider  - Modbus

2 - PID loop control programming and tuning.

3 - Operator interface hardware programming.

4 - Control system panels.  

5 - Modular programming methodology.

6 - Program support and troubleshooting.

7 - Fully documented control logic programs in hard copy and soft copy

We are the authorized re-seller for Schneider PLC and parts. Also we can provide highly specialized PLC training that is tailored to the need of the end user.

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