Owner : AUOSunpower
Main Contractor : GE Water and Process Technologies
Location : AUOSunpower Fab3a, Malacca, Malaysia


AUO Sunpower Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between Sunpower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solaar panels and solar systems and AUO, a Taiwan-based entity. AUO Sunpower designs, manufactures and delivers the most powerful solar cells in the world, providing green, renewable energy solutions in virtually every sector of the economy, worldwide. Based in Melaka and with an investment of RM2.2 bilion, AUO SunPower is expected to generate more than 1,400 megawatts annually of high--efficiency solar cells when completed in 2013.

Project Description

Reverse Osmosis and Deionized Water Treatment System (RODI) plant to provide adequate production water supply – UPW to fabrication facility.  City Water / Raw Water are being processed by MMF, SAC, Chemical Dosing of Coagulant, Bisulfate, Caustic, and Acid, RO Trains, Primary Mixed Bed, UV-TOC, Polishing Mixed Bed and UPW Loop technologies.

Scope of work

  • Supply, Install and Commissioning of LVSB, MCC, and PLC Control Panels
  • Electrical Installation includes Field LV Power & Controls Cabling
  • System Architecture Design - RING Network
  • WONDERWARE Server & Client Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition SCADA System
  • SIEMENS Hot-Standby PLC S7-400, S7-300 Controls Programming
  • PROFIBUS Remote I/O Control Network


RODI SCADA network is designed and configured using RING Network topology. Intention of RING Network implementation is to improve redundancy and enhance reliability, therefore, to eliminate network downtime causes by a single equipment failure. It ensure the entire network continue to function in the event of single equipment or Ethernet Cable failure. Users will have less possibility of network interruption experience, thank to the redundant characteristic of the RING network.

Equipment Sequence and Summary

Equipment sequence and summary pages are designed and implemented to provide an overview graphical interface for operator to command and monitor equipment sequence state and status. Relevant information associated with the equipment is also implemented to provide better analysis of the equipment quality and performance; these may includes but not limited to Service Time, Service Volume, instrument status and alarms. Step timer and its setting are also implemented which allow operator to set desired timer of respective sequence state.

The sequence that implement in the system is as the following:

  • MF Sequence
  • SAC Sequenc
  • RO Train Sequence
  • Primary Mixed Bed Sequence
  • Polishing Mixed Bed Sequence
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