ULU Pandan NewWater



A turn key project was done for Keppel Seghers which was a Design, Build, Own, Operate project for Singapore 2nd largest NEWater plant.
The system itself comprises of various sub systems which are designed to be integrated into one control system where such sub system can be managed from a single control room. (Centralized Control System)
The various sub system includes the following

  • Raw Water Supply System
  • Equalisation Tank System
  • MicroFiltration System
  • Filtrate Tank System
  • UV Module System
  • Storage Tank System
  • Pumping Station System
  • Chemical Storage System
  • Chemical Dosing System
  • RO Flushing System
  • MF Backwash System
  • MF CIP System (Cleaning In Place)
  • RO CIP System (Cleaning In Place)
  • Air Compressor System
  • Electrical Switch Room Monitoring System
  • UPS monitoring System
  • Remote Site Monitoring System

The above sub systems are all integrated into a single control system using PLC controls and SCADA system to manage and monitor each respective sub system.  Using the above sub system, the PLC is capable to automate the entire plant process from raw water feed supply to end product storage.
With good automation, the plant is capable to be operated with lesser manpower staffing on duty to run the plant continuously over after normal working hours.



 Key Features of the Control System Design

The system was designed with a control philosophy that makes the system easily operated by users. Various monitoring tools assisted in decision making and troubleshooting of various maintenance issues. The system can be operated easily with just 1 user at the control room to meet the demand of the end users of the plant.
To make the system more fault tolerant, redundant communication and redundant controlling processors were adopted in the control design. These investments allow the plant to run non-stop even with slight hardware failure faults. In simple, it was design so that no single point of failure would result in loss of production.



Difficult Processes in the Plant

Although most of the sub system on a standalone basis will function perfectly, a full integration with all these sub systems actually poses some difficult process challenges. A typical challenge would be a small Filtrate tank was constructed and designed such that when the plant is running under full load, it would fill till it overflows in just barely less than 2 minutes.  The control system is designed to overcome such process constraints due to space limitation and cost of having a much larger buffer tank. This is a typical scenario of how control engineering can optimize the physical process limitation.



Customer Relationship

End after the handing over of the control system to the end user, our customer sought for our expertise and engineering services in various process improvement projects targeted to improve the plant efficiency. Our end users also allocated a yearly 24/7 maintenance contract with us to ensure the smooth operation of their PLC and SCADA control system. Hence hand in hand, not only did we help build and commission their system, we also assisted to ensure their control system were running efficiently and any early hardware failure detection could be captured to prevent any loss of production.

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